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Machined Parts-Service Case

1. Large diameter tube sheet for power plant project

Our company provides large-diameter tube sheet (diameter: 11,900mm) products to the customer in South Africa.

Machined Parts

2, EO reactor tube sheet products

Our provides Egypt customer with the EO reactor tube plates( Φ 7,640mm, H=2500mm).

Machined Parts

3, Structural parts for metallurgical heat treatment equipment

Our provides supporting structural parts for metallurgical heat treatment equipment for Japanese customer.

Machined Parts

4, Machined parts of pressure vessel equipment parts

In the power project, Nigerian customer ordered machined parts of equipment, like agitator (stainless steel), furnace body, and cylinder body.

Machined Parts

5, Suez Bridge Project in Egypt

After investigation, the Egyptian customer decided to purchase the processed steel parts and steel structures for the Suez Bridge project from our company.

Machined Parts

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